Why Gmail is Considered the Best Email Client?

Email communication has taken place of the traditional communication methods like telephones. Most of the times, when you need to send some message to your relative or a business client who lives in different countries, we prefer sending them an email rather than any other thing because using email we can send them much more details.

As more and more people are getting familiar with Internet, the usage of email services has gone up. A person who knows how to use Internet will surely have their very own email address. But when you are looking for some of the best email client, which service do you prefer? Almost everyone prefers Gmail because its a Google product.

There are many other email services like Yahoo, Outlook, GMX mail, AOL mail etc. but the name Gmail is enough to beat the others.

Why Gmail is Considered Better?

gmailNumber 1 reason behind this is the fact the Gmail is the email service provided by Google and everyone of us know that Google virtually owns the Internet because all its products are top notch and high quality. With powerful Google servers backing it up, Gmail can be said to be better than the others.

The next reason I would say that it is much easier to use and the interface is pretty clean and user-friendly. Unlike other email clients, Gmail gives you an option to load only the HTML if you have a slow Internet connection making it easy for your to check your email even at much slow Internet speeds.

The interface is very simple making it really easy to do a Gmail login and signup. All your Gmail accounts are stored and you can switch between them by just clicking on which email account you want to access.

The best thing about Gmail is that you can login to multiple accounts at the same time and check mails simultaneously. So whenever I want to create a new email account, my first choice is always Gmail. In fact, I have over 10 email address for my personal use and many more for professional use.

How Can You Download WhatsApp On a Windows 8 PC?

WhatsApp chat messenger is the best chat application that is used by millions of user all over the world. The app is a cross-platform app which means it is supported by all the mobile operating system that includes Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone OS, Symbian and Java as well.

Due to this availability of the app on large number of device, people prefer to download WhatsApp over any other chat messenger on their smartphone.

What are the Features of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has almost all the features that you need in a chat messenger application. You can send and receive text messages almost instantly.

  • With WhatsApp messenger, you can send text messages to anyone, anywhere in the world as long as you have a working Internet connection on your device.
  • All you need is Internet connection or WiFi and you are good to go. The app is completely free to download and after one year, you will have to pay $0.99 per year which is nothing compared to conventional SMS charges.
  • Though WhatsApp Messenger is completely free, you won’t see a single ad in the applications, it is completely ad free.
  • With the app, you don’t need to remember login username or password, as you are always logged in.
  • There are absolutely no hidden costs on sending and receiving text messages internationally.
  • Not only text messages, you can even record and send audio files and share videos and images with your whatsapp messengerfriends.
  • You can chat with all your friends at once using the Group Chat feature. By creating a Group, you will be able to add up to 50 of your friends in it.
  • When you install WhatsApp messenger, it will immediately scan your contact list to see which of your friends has WhatsApp installed and they will be added to your chat list. No need to do it manually as everything is automatically done.
  • With the latest update, you can now hide your “last seen at” from your profile so that no one knows when you were online.
  • Add a profile photo and write a status message to create an attractive profile.
  • Use different smileys to convey your mood and your message properly.

Features that We want in WhatsApp:

At this moment, there is no voice calling feature or video calling feature in the chat app. Though many of its rival apps boasts of this features, WhatsApp is still going strong without adding voice/video calling.

Another thing is that there is no official desktop app to use WhatsApp for PC, however we still can download and install the chat app on our computer using an Android emulator software that creates a virtual environment just like Android on your computer and thus can run Android apps and games on your PC.

So the question here arises:

How to Download the app on Windows 8?

The answer is pretty much simple for this question. You can download BlueStacks, an Android emulator software which is the most popular and recommended software for this purpose, on your computer and install it.

After that the process is pretty much simple as you just have to search for WhatsApp Messenger on your PC and install the application. If you are not comfortable in installing the app without any knowledge, then you get all the steps required to download the WhatsApp on your PC here.

If you are running Windows 8 on your computer then that means that you have decent hardware configuration and a proper graphics card is also installed in your computer. If you have this things, then you can easily install BlueStacks emulator on your computer and install the app.

There are still many applications and games that are available on Google Play Store for you to install and you can find the best guides to get the app on your computer at http://www.theappsadvisor.com/.

Features You Should Look For When Buying Hosting for Your Site

Getting a proper web hosting service is the first step when you are starting out in the online world of building websites. If you are able to get the best hosting company then you won’t have to dace much issues in the future like frequent downtime or maintenance issues.

If you consult a person who has proper experience in the field, they will tell you to go with the host that offers premium services at low cost. There are many hosting providers that you can take a look at, but not all of them are capable of giving your site the much needed boost at the beginning.

One of the best hosting service to host your website on is Bluehost, the service that has been in the online world providing services to webmasters from a long time, since 1996 and it still is considered as the best company.

When you are buying a web hosting service for your blog, you should take a look at some little things that can destroy your site completely if not taken care of.

Downtime: The first thing to look out for is that the servers should be powerful and your site shouldn’t experience much downtime.

Support: Whatever host you are choosing,  you should check out their support system beforehand. Go to their support page and email them some queries to see how long do they take to reply you back. Try out their chat system as well.

Pricing: Normally a proper and reliable host won’t cost you more than $5 per month so you should check on this point too so that you don’t end up paying a premium. With Bluehost review, the pricing is cheap compared to many hosting sites.

One-click Scripts: If you are just starting out with your blogging career, you might be willing to go with the most popular content management system like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Most of the hosting providers come with Cpanel which comes with one-click install scripts for the CMS system. But you should check out first if they provide you with a separate CPanel or not.

 Money-Back Guarantee: You are spending your hard earned money for buying a hosting service, so you should be assured that you will get proper service for the money you spend. Almost all the hosting sites come with a 60-day money back guarantee so that if you are not satisfied with their service you can ask for a refund. The same goes with Bluehost which comes with any-time money back guarantee.

In my experience, Bluehost has been the best service when it comes to hosting sites. I have used it for some years now and am very satisfied with their service and also their support system is amazing. There is not much downtime issue and whatever problems you are having with your site or host, the representatives will solve it instantly.

If you need to check out the complete review of Bluehost, then you should visit http://www.mybluehostreview.org/ for the complete and in-depth review.